Show Secretary, a multi-breed horse show computer program designed for simplicity. It will do your Class Sheets, Billing Statements, Financial Report, High Point Reports, 4H shows, reporting for breed and other Point keeping Organizations, Performance Reports, Photographer Report and more! With drop-down menus and check boxes it makes running a horse show a breeze.

Show Secretary is the most robust program available compared feature for feature with other Horse Show computer programs available on the market. Because of this it is the chosen Windows horse show software for hundreds of Show Secretaries. 

Now for a limited time, the first year cost for Show Secretary has been reduced from $340.00 to $175.00.  If you've been sitting on the fence waiting to buy, do it now because this price won't last.

Online Show Entries - Show Secretary includes support for accepting entries from the internet. It's easy to setup your show on  because it's built right into the Show Secretary software. If you want to try it out, go to and switch the state to Oregon after you've setup your login information. Here you will find a demo show where you can setup your horse, owner, riders and trainers and try it out as an exhibitor.

 - Setup a PayPal account of your choice and accept credit cards for your classes and miscellaneous fees i.e. stalls, haul-in charges, barbeque tickets etc.

NRHA Reining Shows Now Supported - Show Secretary now includes support for NRHA Reining shows!

Features include:

  1. Ability to use the NRHA database of horses and members for input into your show. This not only saves time but eliminates the possibility of costly mistakes and typos when entries are manually entered.

  2. Includes support for concurrent classes

  3. Includes support for payback classes.  The purse can be automatically calculated using parameters you enter such as show retainage percentage, NRHA fee and trophy cost.  It will use the entry fees as a basis for calculating the purse.

  4. Judges scoring sheets with pattern # along with a short maneuver description identified on the sheet

  5. The ability to assign draws along with a re-draw capability if needed.

  6. Scoring capability for concurrent classes so that scores are only entered once for a specific rider. The system automatically assigns the same scores to any other classes identified for that rider.

  7. Show results report available to submit to NRHA or other interested parties.

Free 30-Day Demo Available - You will be downloading over 75meg of so you must have high speed connection.  Click here to get started.  After installing the downloader run the demo install from your programs menu. You will find it under Show Secretary Demo.

You can also purchase the demo CD by pressing the purchase button.

APHA; AQHA; ApHC; Canadian ApHC; Palomino; USEF

Electronic results supported for: USEF; APHA; AQHA; ApHC; AHA

Provides integrated email support for emailing show results to all other breed associations

Show results have been submitted to virtually all associations with no rejections. Great for state and county fairs where you have the need to submit results to many different breed associations..


Show Secretary is constantly being enhanced with new ideas and changes requested from the users!

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